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Religious believers think God values the lives of out-group members more than they do themselves

Belief in all powerful supernatural entities that police moral behavior between people has been shown to promote prosocial behavior between co-religionists. But do these effects extend to members of different religious groups?


4 Tips for Critically Evaluating Data in the Media

by Katie White Austin

Media outlets often cite scientific data in their news reports and articles. But how can we safeguard ourselves and others from misleading reports?


Character and Context Blog

How We Judge Children Based on their Faces

by Jemma Collova and Clare Sutherland

Despite warnings not to judge a book by its cover, we readily do so—even when forming first impressions of children.


Certain Personalities Make Some Professional Truck Drivers More Dangerous than Others

by Karen Landay & P. D. Harms

You should hope that the driver of that 18-wheeler coming toward you has certain personality characteristics rather than others.


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